About ELMs

ELMs online tests provide objective evidence on strengths and weaknesses of pupils in key learning areas; maths, reading, vocabulary and writing with reference to the new National Curriculum.

Online assessments

Our engaging online tests provide reliable evidence on pupils' strengths and weaknesses in key learning areas.

The efficient management of pupil data means teachers can focus on teaching and learning.

Our user-friendly Online Assessment and Reporting System (OARS) allows teachers to register pupils, create custom tags to allow detailed data analysis, assign appropriate tests and instantly generate meaningful reports.

Instant results

All ELMs tests are automatically scored with individual and group reports generated immediately once tests are completed. Teachers can generate interactive group reports to analyse pupils’ performance, while individual PDF pupil reports can be used in conversation with individuals and parents.

Monitor progress

Our common scales allow you to compare results over time for individuals and for selected groups of pupils. ELMs provides a reliable way to compare pupil achievement across multiple year groups and compare learning outcomes at year group and whole school levels.