Professional learning

ACER is committed to working with teachers and school leaders in building their professional capacity so that they can use assessment effectively: to inform teaching and learning strategies and practices, and thereby improve learning outcomes for all pupils.

Introduction to ELMs webinar

Duration: 30 minutes (incl. 15-20 mins presentation plus 10 mins questions and discussion)

Recommended audience: Teachers and school leaders interested in the ELMs assessments

Description: What is ELMs? What insight does it provide on pupils' learning and progress? How to use ELMs, and what results and data are available? This seminar provides an introduction to ACER’s Essential Learning Metrics (ELMs) as a tool to measure pupils' achievement. It is essential for teachers, assessment coordinators and school leaders who are seeking a high-quality assessment programme which provides a pathway to improving pupil outcomes.

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Assessment Resources

Assessment: getting to the essence
Educational assessments are collected, interpreted and used in different ways, but all serve the same fundamental purpose, as Geoff Masters explains.

Towards a growth mindset in assessment
Geoff Masters describes three general approaches to evaluating and providing feedback on the outcomes of learning; what it means to learn successfully; the implications for how students view themselves as learners; and how they understand the relationship between effort and success.

ACER’s response to government’s primary assessment consultation
ACER’s response builds on our extensive expertise in national and international assessments, and includes findings and conclusions about the effects that system-level approaches to assessment can have on the progress made by pupils and the ways in which schools adapt their practices and behaviours in response to national assessment approaches.